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Working from Another Country

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Working from another Country

I spent over three weeks traveling in China and Europe for work which was great to see these countries and be working with some amazing people doing some great work. The challenges of different time zones and digital connectivity were daunting to keep connected to fellow employees and clients that are half away around the world.


Being able to seamlessly connect to the cellular systems of others has become easier, but not flawless. Today most carrier now have plans that allow you to roam internationally which make connecting easier and allow your customers and fellow employee to be able to reach you. Just remember to put your phone in silent mode during the evening or you get calls all night.

Wi-Fi is pretty much everywhere now. However, it is not always fast or private so you need to be careful when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

Time Zones

Time zones can be a hassle. the bigger the difference between where you are and those you need to work with can be limit to your windows in which you can work with them.

We all have our biorhythm in which we are at peak performance and can readily get work done and other times not so much we are having trouble focusing and just want to rest. 

Meeting with the team back home. In this always-connected world, you are expected to stay in the information loop so attending regularly schedule meetings can have you up late or very early. Try to minimize these as much as possible.

You are spending time and money to be where you are and you to focus on the goals of being where you are.  Traveling creates a lot of uncertainty about your ability to stay connected. That just the nature of travel, you can reduce a lot of the uncertainty by planning your travel and knowing what you need to stay connected.

What’s your experience with international Remote Working?


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