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Whats a Mobile and Knowledge Worker?

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Knowledge Worker are Mobile Worker too.
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The Definitions:

Knowledge Worker

A Knowledge Worker is an employee who deals with information, ideas, and expertise.

Mobile Worker

An employee who does not have one fixed place of work. 聽Mobile workers are linked to a central base by telephone and sometimes by computer technology. 聽A teleworker is a form of a mobile worker.

Knowledge Worker

knowl路edge work路er (plural聽knowl路edge work路ers) noun


The employee in knowledge-based industry:聽somebody working in an industry such as management consultancy or computer programming that produces information rather than goods

An employee who deals in information, ideas, and expertise. Knowledge workers are products of the so-called information age, in which the emphasis is on creativity and innovation rather than on maintaining the status quo. According to Peter Drucker, in the new economy, every employee is becoming a knowledge worker.

From MSN鈥檚 Encarta


Every knowledge worker in modern organization is an “executive” if, by virtue of his position or knowledge, he is responsible for a contribution that materially affects the capacity of the organization to perform and to obtain results. – Peter Drucker in聽The Effective Executive聽(1966)

Finally, these new industries differ from the traditional ‘modern’ industry in that they will employ predominantly knowledge workers rather than manual workers. – Peter Drucker in聽The Age of Discontinuity聽(1969)

A key reason for why I decided to create was the continuous growth of the number of the mobile-knowledge worker over the last twenty years and the rising needs they have to work effectively outside of traditional workspaces.聽 What is a mobile-knowledge worker, you ask?聽 Well, I went to look it up and did not find any definition.

My definition is a worker whose output is information rather than goods and is not at one fixed place of work (often travel to different locations).聽 Examples of mobile-knowledge workers are consultants, salespeople, and support specialists.聽 What’s yours? Please give us your comments below.

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