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To Be Mobile @ Home?

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mobile on the road or home
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Mobile from Road to Home

For many people traveling and working is just part of the norm. Some of us are occasional travelers, and others are always moving as part of their work.  In the major metro areas, the wireless connection is excellent, but once you start to travel outside these telecommunication bubbles, then things get less dependable.

Regular mobile readers know we have been focused on how to be productive while on the road, but we have not been covering the unique needs of those who work remotely from home. It was not our intent to exclude them, but we have been over the years more focused on trying to help the professional who had to travel or was outside of their office for the majority of their workday. Maybe that because that where we came from and had the most experience to help.

Working from home is growing and people that work from home share many of the same challenges if not more given trying to balance work and family at the same time. Travelers have many options when it comes to workspace but for the home-office worker setting up a home office is critical to be productive and to keep order and separation of work and home.

But today most of our team members work remotely, and as a team, we have gone through some challenges that remote workers face. Moving forward we will be including articles, postings, and best practices focused on worker’s needs at home. The trend is growing faster towards more employees working from home than those who travel all the time.

We want to get your comments on what are your biggest pains in working as a remote (telecommute, home-office, or whatever other labels you like to use) employee. Please leave your comments below

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