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Rich asked 2 years ago
I am starting a new job that will have me working from my apartment instead of an office like I have always done. I just not sure how to transition to working where I live.  Any suggestions?  

1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 2 years ago
I think this is a very common issue that people face when transitioning to working from home. Here some suggestion that might make it easier for you.

  • Dedicate a workspace in your home.  It does not have to be a room it could be a desk or someplace that you switch your self into work mode.
  • If you live with others make sure they understand when you are at your workspace that you are working and not available.
  • Get dressed like you are going to the office. Again it’s about making the transition from home life to working.
  • Keep working hours. Know when to start and end your workday. It very easier to go much longer at home with no commuting times and always access to work products.