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Do You Work Remote?

Work remote
Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Work Remote?

What does it mean to you to be a Remote Worker?  At 2BMobile, we have been working on our definition of what Remote Work means to us.  We consider it a catch-all phrase that covers all worker that does not perform work at their employer’s place of work.  That is a broader definition than many other terms currently in use by people.

Examples of all the names used; telecommuter, teleworker, home-base, co-work worker, and Internet worker all describe someone who trading the employer’s workplace for another fixed base of work.

Whereas terms like road warrior, nomad, digital nomad and etc imply that the worker is in some state of travel and is not normally confined to a fixed location.

All these different labels used by experts tend to splinter these workers into many groups, both in their minds and by institutions that count them separately. At 2BMobile, we do not see it that way. Instead, we see working outside of the employer’s workplaces as one continuum of employee’s work options.

Different types of workers have different needs to function well as remote workers. Working from home and not traveling focuses on a broadband connection, workspace, and balancing family during regular working hours. At the same time, workers that travel a great deal need the portability and convenience of always having available access to broadband in different areas with very different levels of broadband availability and even access to it based on their provider’s coverage.

What type of remoter are you? What are your challenges in being a Remote Worker?

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