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Working from Another Country

Big Ben London
Photo by Tom Athawes on Unsplash

Working from another Country

I spent over three weeks traveling in China and Europe for work which was great to see these countries and be working with some amazing people doing some great work. The challenges of different time zones and digital connectivity were daunting to keep connected to fellow employees and clients that are half away around the world.

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Working in the Car – A Strange Pair

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Workign in th car
Photo by Alexandre Boucher on Unsplash


Autos and Remote Working

Working in the car is different.  Getting on a conference call is no big deal while driving, OK you should be doing it hands-free, but trying to do a lot of the things you usually do in your office is not anywhere as easy. I recently have taken a new job, and it is great, but I need to drive back to HQ occasionally and is a six hours drive each way making for some long days and nights too.

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