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As part of our goal of “making mobile easier for users” we want to create a resource center for you. To enable you to find new ideas and information that will make being mobile better than you enjoy presently.

Please help us by providing your favorite suggestions in the comments below Thanks in advance for all your help we will compile and organize your inputs and ours too on here on the website.


Welcome to 2BMobile

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Welcome to 2BMobile.com!

Greetings and welcome to the 2BMobile.com website are purposes is to be a place without commercial intent to provide useful resources for those people seeking to be able to work and live anywhere.

Different Labels for the same thing

Whether you consider yourself a telecommuter, remote worker, road warrior, or whatever label you might use this website is for you and helping you do your work.

We help employees, independent contractors, and also employers. Yes, we said employers too. Employers enable the mode of work and they have opportunities to benefit and they also have new challenges around employees working remotely that have both company’s cultural & policies and legal impacts to them that they need to plan for when starting to implement remote work.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be adding useful content and resources. If you would like to get involved or are looking for something specific please comment below.