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Working in the Car – A Strange Pair

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Workign in th car
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Autos and Remote Working

Working in the car is different.  Getting on a conference call is no big deal while driving, OK you should be doing it hands-free, but trying to do a lot of the things you usually do in your office is not anywhere as easy. I recently have taken a new job, and it is great, but I need to drive back to HQ occasionally and is a six hours drive each way making for some long days and nights too.

The second challenge is that it, not the highway drive that you set the speed control and forget about it until you get to your destination. No, I go through small towns and villages that the local sheriffs are just waiting for an out of state cars to come through and give them a speed ticket.

Working In the Car

Newer cars have made hands free calls much easier, but it still means that you have to split your awareness to both the caller/meeting and the road.

Common issues of working in a car:


Even high-end cars do not completely reduce the wind and road noises in the car thus making conversation harder to have than while in your office.

Driving Distractions less concentration

While driving a car the make duty is to drive and at any time there are things happening around you and your car that as the driver you need to be aware of and take actions to avoid an accident.


A form of distraction if you not on a familiar route it’s hard to do any work while trying to figure out logistics like getting gas or finding a good restaurant in the area.

No Note Taking

Those virtual assistants like Siri and Google can do a lot to help in recording things you will need to do or remember for some of us we are still stuck with writing notes about various calls and events to help retain the details later.

What has worked for you? Please share your successes in the comments below?

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