About Us

2BMobile wants to make you more efficient which makes you more money

About us, we started 2BMobile to address the frustrations I experienced while out of my office and traveling throughout the US. It was difficult to get all of our “time-saving” devices to work together. Finding answers on how to get a presentation set a specific way in time for tomorrow’s meeting, communicating with the home office, or simply performing everyday tasks could be a challenge.

In 2008, while discussing the aforementioned problems with other traveling colleagues, an idea was formed – we could figure out what it would take to provide products and services for professionals like ourselves. After researching the issue we decided that Software as a Service (SaaS) and the increasing availability of the Internet meant that the old laptop and server business model was not the most cost-effective route for professionals today, and that’s where 2BMobile comes in.

We have partnered with a number of great companies to provide you with seamless integration of many of the best Web Applications on the market today. However, that is only one part of what we are doing. 2BMobile also provides consulting services, IT management, and support so that you have a complete computing solution.

Why we do what we do.

2BMobile was started to make technology work for you in a seamless way. Too many providers of today’s great products only deal with their products leaving us, the users, trying to deal with the gaps and holes that exist between products.

This Website was created to answers questions professionals, like ourselves, have and to provide better-integrated technology products. All of this aimed to make using technology easier and therefore allowing you to be able to generate more revenue for your business.

Our identity

  1. Simplicity -We offer information systems that are simple and intuitive to use.
  2. Efficient – As professionals, we make money by providing services not spending time on our information systems.
  3. Security – It is your information and we work every day to protect you; adhering to the highest standards and best practices in the industry.
  4. Support – You are our client and we want you to get the most from our products.

About the company

2BMobile LLC is based in Vermont and serves professionals throughout North America.

We are a small company and proud of it. We are efficient in building our product offerings and the support that they require. We want to always have a close working relationship with our clients. We do not see getting big as a good way of achieving this goal.

We were founded by a group of professionals that wanted a better way to manage their businesses. We knew what we wanted for products and services and felt that there were a lot of professionals like us. People who want what we want – a better and easier way to use technology. 2BMobile LLC was formed.