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Digital Transformation in Marketing and Manufacturing

Manufacturing by Robot

Digital Marketing Meets Digital Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing is well on its way into the Industrial 4.0 Revolution. In today’s business world, digital manufacturing and digital marketing are gaining increasing importance. An article suggests that integrating historical information silos of design, manufacturing, and quality processes into a single information stream is crucial for business innovation. Failing to do so may result in falling behind the competition. Digital marketing is also essential to drive business success.

2BMobile is a marketing consultancy specializing in helping Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and their organizations become leaders in the Industrial 4.0 movement. With more than two decades of experience in marketing consultancy, 2BMobile can assist in developing marketing strategies and implementing them effectively.

Marketing consultancy differs from traditional marketing agencies in that it is retained to help create solutions to problems. Clients seek consultancy services when they lack the marketing answers to their product problems, and the consultant is brought in to provide solutions. These solutions may involve supplementing in-house resources, such as a marketing agency. However, our consultancy also helps builds strategy, framework, and marketing models that the consultant can implement on behalf of the client. Our consultancy work typically covers the entire organization, focusing on the big picture of the business.

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