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Digital Transformation in Marketing and Manufacturing

Digital Transformation

Digital Manufacturing Meets Digital Marketing

Today’s manufacturing is well on its way into the Industrial 4.0 Revolution. If you do not break down the historical informational silos of yesterday’s manufacturing and design processes and drive them into one information stream, you are already behind the rest of the pack. You need digital marketing to promote your products in the rapidly changing market space.

2BMobile is a marketing consultancy that helps CXOs and their organizations become leaders within the Industrial 4.0 movement. With over twenty years in marketing consultancy, we can help develop your marketing strategy, and implementation sometimes called a factual CMO.

What’s the difference?

Marketing Agency

Traditional marketing agency provides talented people for specific marketing problems.  The client (you) believe they know the answer to the problem and have developed a strategy, framework, and model. An agency to supplement or replace in-house marketing functions by outsourcing the talent to execute the marketing strategy. Typically the agency gets guidance and works with the CMO as its primary contact with the organization.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy, in contrast, is retained to help the organization create the solution to the problem. In these kinds of situations, the client does not believe they have the answer to their problem, and the consultant is brought in to help come up with the answers. The answers may include supplementing existing in-house resources like a marketing agency.  A consultancy also builds the strategy, framework, and models that the consultancy will implement on behalf of the client. A consultancy work often spans across the entire organization as they look at the large picture of the line of business and not just a specific product or project.

The term fractional CMO is being used today for getting highly talented marketers professionals for a fraction of their time and at a fraction of the cost. Many organizations in new markets do not want to lose marketing focus on the current profitable business lines.  Getting outside marketing resources to augment your team can be a smart strategy. 2BMobile is focused on marketing development, and we can serve as your organization’s CMO.

Contact us, and let’s discuss your business challenges.