Mobile-Knowledge Worker

Autos and Remote Working Strange Pair

Autos and Remote Working

Getting on a confernce call is no big deal while driving, OK you should be doing hands free, but trying to do a lot of the things you normally do in your office is not anywhere as easy. I reacent taken a new job and it is great but I need to occisally have to drive back to HQ and is a six hours drive each way making for some long days and nights too.

To Be Mobile @ Home?

Mobile from Road to Home

As many of our regular mobile reader know we have been focused on how to be productive while on the road but we have not been covering the unique needs of those who work remotely from home. It was not our intent to exclude them but we have been over the years more focused on trying to help the professional who had to travel or where outside of their office for the majority of their workday. Maybe that because that where we came from and had the most experience to help.

Whats a Mobile and Knowledge Worker?

The defintions:

Mobile Worker

An employee who does not have one fixed place of work.  Mobile workers are linked to a central base by telephone and sometimes by computer technology.  A teleworker is a form of mobile worker.

Knowledge Worker

knowl·edge work·er (plural knowl·edge work·ers) noun 


employee in knowledge-based industry: somebody working in an industry such as management consultancy or computer programming that produces information rather than goods