Telecommuting Helping More Workers

Telecommuting as a Enabler

Telecommuting is not just a option for regular employers and contractors. It greatly expanse general available of work for people who do not normally have access to good aping job opportunities whether that due to where they live or lack of mobility due to a disability. Image being able to find work that you can perform and still continue to live in rural areas or if you have disabilities not having to extend your travel time to adjust for transportation needs.

It is common for us to think of telecommuting or as other are starting to call it Remote Work as a life style choice of the employee in which the employer is will to allow for those jobs that are important to them. But we think that it also is an opportunity to change our perception of work as explicitly tied to a location and instead to move our view as work performed.

The Network is the Solution

Our Internet network system is globally weaving a real time connection for us all as we see in social media today. However our work model is was invented back in the late 1800's when scared of materials and transportation required that the most efficient model for work was centralized manufacturing and offices. But at the end of the last century the Internet changed the need to bring people to the scarce resources but instead we can lower our costs and improve out environment by working distributively. 

The network has enable the near real time movement of voice and data but the other key element for the rise of Remote Work is great software products that have allowed video, voice, and information sharing products that have allowed workers to have access to other employees and to shared company information.

Software that Unites

The rise of collobrative software that enable remote work is not a coincidence. We now have the tools to work outside of the office almost as well as we do if we where physically located there.  The rapid expansion of Software as a Service (SaaS)and Cloud services has enable anywhere there is connectivity we can work.


if you are an employer we would like to hear from you about how telecommuting is impact your business? Please leave your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.




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