Remote Work for Employers

Have you already started to let employees work outside of your offices? Sure Sales been doing it forever right? But what about the jobs that have not traditional been done somewhere else. In today's hyper-connected world it is almost impossible for business not to be working from everywhere but the question are you covering your corporate rear-end?

Many companies have just let remote work happen with out planning or fore thought and some have put together some standard teleworking forms that employees signed and quickly forget about. With about 3.4 million people in the USA alone working remotely that employees and you can double it if you include freelancers you need to have a well throughout  set of policy and tools to assure your business is covered.  We been helping businesses plan, execute and thrive with a remote workforce no matter where their team is in the world.

What is your company's Remote Work like? Please share with us here in the comments section below.


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