Remote work - Balance Your Remoteness

Remote Work Women Outside

Remote Work - On The Road Again

Not all remote work is the same and not all remote worker work the same.  To some of us remote means not in the office due to travel to others its about not having to go to the office. Traveling creates its own set of problems that make being connected and being on the road a challenge. Yes, if you working in major cities with great mobile and wifi services the hassles are low but as soon as you are working in the rest of the world problems keep popping up for remote worker and staying connected.

WiFi is a staple of modern business life and plenty of establish offer free wifi but the problem of late is to many people on them which means slow or poor performance at many places and the question of how secure your connection is always a problem. 

Mobile connection are good when at 4LTE but become much slower at 3G level.


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