How Mobile Has Changed in 5 years

When I started 2BMobile we where thinking about mobility as freeing professional people from their offices by using smartphones, laptops and Netbooks (what are they?). Today with smartphones and tablets in the hands of almost everyone, mobility has taken a giant step forward in the quest of a truly virtual worker and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work and the apps keep drive the independents from any one physical device to allow us the freedom to pick up where every and when every we want to.

Ok the communication part is not perfect, I still can get caught in black holes of cellular and WiFi connectivity but even they are greatly improved in terms of speed and coverage.

One dimension of our quest for the truly virtual worker though has not made the leap forward like the technology has and that is the physical limitation of a physical world.  I maybe connected almost anywhere electronically but being to far away from the metropolis of the world has direct impact in your ability to perceived as viable by your clients.

Over the up coming months in 2014 we will investigate what it means to be mobile in a technology advance world.

What is your opinion on the state of mobility today? Please give me your thoughts and comments below.


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