Do You Work Remote?

What does it mean to you to be a Remote Worker?  We at to 2BMobile have been working on our own definition of what Remote Work means to us.  We consider it a catch all phase that covers any worker that does not perform work at their employer's place of work.  That is a broader defintion than many other terms currently in use by people. For examples; telecommuter, teleworker, home-base, cowork worker,and Internet worker all describe someone who trading the employer's workplace for another fixed base of work whereas terms like road warrior, nomad, digital nomad and etc imply that the worker is in some state of travel and is not usually at a fixed location.

With all these labels that  are being use tends to make us compartmenizes these workers. We do not see it that way, instead we see working outside of the employer workplaces as a continuum of work 


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