May 2016

Telecommuting from the Edge

City MapWhere You are is not Important Anymore

With today's state of technology it does not matter where in the world you are to do many types of work.  If you work is non-manufacturing then you have a better than 60% chance that it can be done remotely and the current research indicates that you will be more productive than your office bound counterpart and you will be a happier employee. Your employer benefits also by lower his costs of providing workspace and perks that comes with offices for you.

Telecommuting Helping More Workers

Telecommuting as a Enabler

Telecommuting is not just a option for regular employers and contractors. It greatly expanse general available of work for people who do not normally have access to good aping job opportunities whether that due to where they live or lack of mobility due to a disability. Image being able to find work that you can perform and still continue to live in rural areas or if you have disabilities not having to extend your travel time to adjust for transportation needs.